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The most reliable, consistent and highest quality painting company in the Columbia area

JBR Precision, LLC was founded in 2002 by Brad Rodgers, whose experience with painting as a high school student inspired him to open his own painting and remodeling company. Brad is passionate about transforming homes from bare drywall to beautifully finished walls and trim. Throughout his years of business, his mission has evolved into being the most consistent and reliable painting company in the Columbia, Missouri area and delivering work of the highest quality.

With their extensive knowledge of application and coatings, the JBR Precision team can paint almost anything. They are also experienced in new construction from small homes to multimillion-dollar homes, commercial interiors and exteriors, residential repaints or restorations on interiors and exteriors, power washing to clean exteriors or to prep for repaint, and semi-transparent and solid body staining on fences and decks.

Brad and his team understand that preparation is key to a successful paint job. They strive to give clients timely and detailed estimates, ensuring thoughtful communication in order to stay on budget and on plan. The JBR Precision team is timely and respectful at every job site and holds itself to a consistently high standard.